Bua Province takes the lead in showing the benefits of communities working together to manage their resources

Five districts in Bua launch their natural resource management plans this week, as the province takes the lead in showing how villages can work together to deliver more benefits for their communities.

Called Ecosystem Based Management, or EBM plans, each district engaged in community discussions over the last three years, assessing the impacts of such threats […]

Award winning scientist hopes to inspire other Pacific women

Dr Sangeeta Mangubhai, the Wildlife Conservation Society Fiji Program Director, has been awarded the International Society for Reef Studies – World Reef Award.

She was recognised for her outstanding scientific work and conservation achievements, making her the first Pacific Islander to receive this award.

The prestigious award was presented to her during the 13th International Coral Reef […]

New study indicates where mangroves most valuable in Fiji for coastal protection and other ecosystem services

A new study published in PLoS ONE by the Wildlife Conservation Society and co-authors from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions at the University of Queensland and U.S. National Center for Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) in Santa Barbara shows where mangroves in Fiji provide the most value for important ecosystem services, such as […]

Why does ICRS matter for Fijian scientists and conservation practitioners?

Coral reefs are found in more than 80 developing countries and are critical for the food and economic needs of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities. Those of us that are scientists or conservationists from developing countries are acutely aware that our reefs are some of the most threatened on the planet […]

A rapid assessment of shark and fish populations in Fiji post-cyclone Winston

By Lizzy Myers
Dr Jordan Goetze and I are from the Fish Ecology Lab (https://www.facebook.com/fishecologygroup/) at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. We are visiting for just three weeks, and although this is Jordan’s seventh trip to Fiji it is my first time here. We are working in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to […]

Iconic Species in the Namena Marine Reserve

By Watisoni Lalavanua
One of the truly special things about diving the Namena Marine Reserve is the number of iconic species you can see such as sharks, turtles and humphead wrasse, known locally as Kalia. Turtles and humphead wrasse are so endangered globally, that they are listed on the Convention for the International Trade in Endangered […]

Post cyclone fisheries assessment in Kubulau, Bua Province

By: Watisoni Lalavanua
Over the past two weeks, local scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) have been assessing the impact of cyclone Winston on fisheries in the provinces of Ra and Bua. Last week the team was in Bua with divers from the Namena Dive Resort to assess the state of the reefs in Kubulau’s […]

Assessing the impacts of Cyclone Winston on communities’ ability to meet their food and income needs from the sea

By Kathy Chaston Radway

Prior to Cyclone Winston, many communities in the hardest hit areas in Fiji were eating fish every day of the week. Now some are lucky to eat fish once or twice a month.

These are some of the concerning initial reports from survey teams that have visited 150 villages in the past two […]

Winston impacted reefs may take decades to recover

By: Yashika Nand
Category 5 tropical cyclone Winston has undoubtedly changed the land and seascape when it passed between the two islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu on 20 February 2016. Two months later the country is starting the rebuilding process, and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is helping to assess the impact of the […]

Proposed Vatu-i-Ra Conservation Park will be critical for reef recovery, post-Winston

By Watisoni Lalavanua
Since my first blog, I have done six dives in Vatu-i-Ra to document the intensity and scale of damage from Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston. Initially we dived in the proposed Vatu-i-Ra Conservation Park, which has had a tabu (a traditional seasonal closure) around the reefs north of the Vatu-i-Ra Island for more […]