Improving sweet livelihoods in Bua province

Over the course of three days in June, 22 bee farmers from all over Lekutu district converged in Kavula village to learn how to sustain and further grow their community bee farms.

As part of the training, participants discussed various topics such as bee sociology, pest management and equipment maintenance. They shared lessons and experiences through […]

Vitawa takes the lead in 4FJ campaign

In a major boost for the 4FJ campaign, Vitawa in Rakiraki District has banned catching kawakawa and donu June through September.

The 4FJ campaign (short for For Fiji) is seeking pledges from across Fiji not to eat, buy or sell the fish during its peak breeding months, June though September. The voluntary pledge is intended […]

Villagers fight against poaching

Sakiusa Yavala, a retired teacher from Namarai Village in Ra, squinted his eyes as he tried to make out the silhouette on the horizon. Yes, it seemed to be the same fishing boat he had seen the day before with three other boats. It was anchored alone this time, inside the community fishing grounds, or […]

Community based solutions at Nayavuira village

Many coastal communities are facing the problem of coastal erosion but the villagers of Nayavuira in Rakiraki, Ra have taken the initiative to take action and not wait for government assistance. Houses near the beach were also being vulnerable as the coastline started eroding caused by flooding and strong waves. They believed that a stream […]

Honey making in Kavula village – supporting women’s livelihoods

What used to be the long rugged ride down to Kavula Village in Bua Province is now a smooth ride since the Chinese have paved the road. But you will still be covered in dust if your truck does not have air-conditioning, because you will have to open the windows to let in the breeze […]

Celebrating Fiji’s achievements and commitments at SIDS 2014: the forecast is positive!

It was a night not to be missed! On the eve of the closing of the UN Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) conference, the Fiji government, WCS and the Waitt Foundation, with the support of our partners IUCN, WWF and FLMMA representatives, hosted a small celebratory event to recognise the renewed as well as new […]

Fiji – chartering a pathway forward post SIDS

On Tuesday, the Fiji government delivered its speech to the UN SIDS Plenary. Mr Pita Wise, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Planning and National Development and Statistics spoke eloquently, stating that the “sustainable development of small island developing states through genuine and durable partnerships is very much relevant, the most practical and necessary […]

What are the challenges and opportunities for Small Islands Developing States?

Over the weekend, I attended the Private Sector Forum which called on the provide sector to work with SIDS governments and partners committed to working with SIDS strengthen and form effective, innovative and concrete partnerships for the full implementation of SIDS sustainable development priorities. It got me thinking about the challenges that SIDS, especially those […]

U.N. Third Small Islands Developing States Conference comes to the Pacific!

After months of preparation and much anticipation, the Third International Conference on Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) has finally begun in Apia, Samoa. The conference, which is held once a decade, brings together island nations from across the world that share similar challenges of sustainable development. It is centred around the belief that sustainable development […]