Promoting better understanding of sea cucumber fisheries and the need for management in Oceania

By Watisoni Lalavanua
Our research team from Fiji and Australia had the opportunity to enlighten university students on fishing activities, stock conditions and socio-economics of artisanal sea cucumber fisheries in Oceania, through a seminar organised by grouper expert Dr. Yvonne Sadovy at the University of Hong Kong.
We wanted to share the results from two papers titled […]

Where have all our sea cucumbers gone?

By Watisoni Lalavanua
Ni hao from Hong Kong!
I am embracing an opportunity of a lifetime to be part of a research team that is following the sale of sea cucumbers along its market chain from fishers to exporters in Fiji, and on to importers, retailers and consumers in Hong Kong.
This is part of a unique collaboration […]

Nadi district celebrates the launching of their 5 year ecosystem-based management plan

By: Sangeeta Mangubhai
While the rest of the country celebrated Fiji’s gold medal win at the Rio Olympics, Akanisi Caginitoba (Community Engagement Coordinator), Isoa Koroi (Community Engagement Officer) and I headed to Nasavu village to support the launch of a five year ecosystem-based management plan for Nadi District in Bua Province.
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has […]

Marathon to inspire today’s generation to care about the Vatu-i-Ra Seascape

More than two hundred participants have registered with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to take part in this Saturday’s Island Chill sponsored Suva Marathon and to create awareness on the protection of coral reefs and unique species found within the Vatu-i-Ra Seascape.
The participants including volunteers, families and youth groups, will be making a notable appearance […]

Inmates to showcase art that inspires community action

The Fiji Corrections Service (FCS), in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), today announced it will be hosting an art exhibition at the Tagimoucia Gallery from August 15-19, 2016.
The exhibition will feature original artwork by highly talented inmates depicting the theme “Stronger than Winston, the Resilience of Nature and Our People”.
“This exhibition will bring […]

Impact of cyclone Winston in mud crab fishers in Bua Province

Tropical Cyclone Winston caused damage to coastlines of Vuya, Solevu, Nadi, Wainunu and Kubulau Districts in Bua Province. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), in partnership with the Fisheries Department, Women in Fisheries Network-Fiji (WiFN-Fiji) and Fiji Locally Managed Area Network (FLMMA) has been working with communities in these districts to support the sustainable harvesting of […]

First dive in Vatu-i-Ra exceeds my expectations!

By Watisoni Lalavanua
In my youth, I frequently heard about Vatu-i-Ra Island and the famous Vatu-i-Ra passage between the islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.
I joined the Wildlife Conservation Society – Fiji Program in January 2016, and this is my first trip with the team into the field to assess the health and condition of […]

Getting a sea view of the landscape in Ra Province

Most of the time we tend to stand on land and look out to the sea, and rarely the other way round unless you are a diver or fisher. If you do take a sea view of the land, you will notice incredible changes to the northern Viti Levu coastline.

The landscape in Ra Province has […]

Widlife Conservation Society mobilises resources to support the people of Bua following TC Winston

By Kelera Serelini-Varawa

On Thursday, 3 March 2016, on behalf of all the staff of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Watisoni Lalavanua and I left Suva to deliver emergency rations to the province of Bua in Vanua Levu. We took across a 3 tonne truck filled with food and water supplies to distribute to affected communities. Many […]

Assessing coral reefs for cyclone damage and coral bleaching


On Saturday, 20 February 2016, Fiji with a population of 900,000 was hit by Category 5 Cyclone Winston. It was one of the largest cyclones we had experienced with winds of up to 185mph. Over a 24-hour period the cyclone left a trail of destruction through the centre of the country, and through the Vatu-i-Ra […]