Three dimensional model used to visualise conservation and development on Ovalau

Ovalau is the sixth largest island in Fiji and is where the former capital of Fiji was based. Last December I met Mr. Mesake Drawaitu, a representative from Lomaiviti Province and a divisional representative for the Fiji Locally Marine Managed Area (FLMMA) network. Mesake was telling me about how on Ovalau, they have been using […]

Sustaining traditions in modern times

During the annual Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area (FLMMA) network workshop in December 2014, I had the privilege to meet Tarusila Ratu, a dynamic woman, who is the Secretary for the Bua Yaubula Management Support Team (BYMST). The BYMST was formed at the FLMMA provincial network meeting in November 2012, to support local communities in […]