Most of the time we tend to stand on land and look out to the sea, and rarely the other way round unless you are a diver or fisher. If you do take a sea view of the land, you will notice incredible changes to the northern Viti Levu coastline.

The landscape in Ra Province has been reshaped and moulded by cyclone Winston. Close to shore you see boulders and dead coral thrown up onto shallow reefs, pushed high above the surface of the water.

Look closer to land and you see mangroves that have lost a lot of their foliage, but are still standing strong, holding our coastline together and providing that much needed protection from sea waves and tides.

Behind the mangroves there may be layer of coconut trees with leaves twisted in the direction of the strong winds of cyclone Winston, yet still standing tall.

Look a little higher and you will see trees stripped of all their leaves, and only the silver bark of their tree trunks remaining. Only time will tell how many of these trees are still alive and will continue to grow and be part of the landscape.

And huddled in all that natural landscape are the people that make Ra so special, slowly trying to rebuild their lives. Sitting in Suva we can easily forget that a single event has changed the lives of so many of our people forever. I hope these images from the field can continue to remind us to keep reaching out to help those in their time of need.